Final Thoughts

As the semester comes to a close and I reflect back on different courses, I would definitely say that “Is One Life Enough” was difficult. I use social media every day; however, I still found that creating a new virtual identity was a challenge. Second Life was a new tool that definitely took a lot to get used to. I had never been apart of a world like that before and learning all of the controls was a process. I was unable to attend class regularly and I often times felt very behind and very unaware of what was going on until we were assigned our group project. By being a member of a group with others that were regularly able to attend class, I was better able to stay up to date with what was going on. Communicating with the group started off as a challenge but we eventually figured it out and using email was a very effective method. As we approach our presentation in a few days I am relieved that the classwork is over. Staying motivated and on time with assignments was difficult because it was an online course. Being a nursing major, I have a great deal of work that I have to complete outside of class and often times I would find myself not having time to get online and do assignments or go and explore second life. I don’t think that taking an online course was for me.

Although I was not a fan of the course, I am glad that I took it because I know that sometime in the future I will be benefitted because of it. I learned a great deal about how to portray myself professionally online and this skill will come in handy as I enter the professional world and seek various jobs.


Communication Analysis

When I first came in contact with my group about the project, we began throwing out some ideas through email about which direction we wanted to take. I personally found difficulty in this because we were all only replying to one person in the group and were not having contact with everyone like we would have in a group chat. We realized that no one had a strong opinion about something they wanted to focus the project on so the ideas just continued to float for awhile without sticking.

Eventually we figured out that we were able to have a group chat through email by replying to “all” rather than just replying to the email and I believe this led to better communication. I was unable to attend class one day, and the other members of the group got together in SL and spoke until they found something in common- Asperger’s syndrome. I received an email about the idea and I was very thrilled with the topic choice because I also know someone that has been diagnosed with this form of Autism. The communication between our group has improved and I think we are moving in the right direction. We started researching and hopefully here soon we are able to decide on different ways to promote autism awareness through the virtual world.

How Do You Choose to Inspire Others?

I have come across the website “Humans of New York” which seemed very familiar to me. Before I explain why this website was recognizable to me, I would like to summarize what the website is really all about. If you go to the site (which I HIGHLY recommend doing), you will see various pictures of different people and comments below their pictures. The photographer for this page simply walks around the streets of New York and asks people to take their pictures. If they say yes, they then ask for an inspiring message to put as the caption. When reading these captions you cannot help but to be inspired. From happy stories, people telling about their illness, and people telling about how they live on the streets, the website is very diverse and can inspire others. Everyone has their own unique story and when you see someone for the first time you truly have no idea what their story is. Therefore, the cliché saying comes into play, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Ironically enough this website is familiar to me because when I was in high school I was in a group called “link crew” where we mentored freshmen. We had many days of leadership training and one day we took a fieldtrip to a high school to connect with other schools that also had link crew programs. There we did various activities and got to know a ton of new people that shared the same passion of helping others that we did. I specifically remembered meeting a student named Kevin whose ability to inspire others was remarkable. We exchanged numbers and social media names. After I followed him of Instagram I saw the main focal point of his page. He was from Cleveland and was doing the exact same thing as this page does. I loved scrolling through his feed and reading the stories that he posted along with the photos. Now Kevin goes to OSU and he has begun to do the very same thing on the streets of Columbus. I am a huge fan of Kevin and this page. I hope that everyone clicks the link below and checks it out!

Social Media and the Workplace

Social media has skyrocketed in popularity within the last decade with websites such as Facebook reaching as many as 1.2 billion members in 2014 ( Networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, and instagram have become a part of everyday life for most people; however, what do we do when we have to dial down our phones or sit aside our laptops in professional settings or the workplace? Many companies are very strict with their employees and monitor what they post on these sites- threatening termination to anyone who bad mouths the company. I personally work at a restaurant where I saw someone lose their job for posting an inappropriate picture while wearing their work uniform. However, with this being said, many professional companies are now realizing that social media in the work place may not be that bad. The article “Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do? “, published by The Wall Street Journal, explains that sometimes a companies employees may be their biggest advocates. Although using social media can be risky it may also be well worth the risk. The article claims that although employees may ask for more money in their salaries, benefits and incentives can be given to encourage employees to continue to build their virtual identity.Even though this may not seem fair to the employees who are not as technologically savvy, this could really boost a companies marketing and increase sales. Overall, I personally believe that social media in the workplace could be a great advantage if companies go to the extent of regulating it in an efficient manner.

Below is a link to the article that I refer to in this post:

Copyrights… Why do we need them?

Today, nearly everything that you come across on the internet can be copied and pasted within the blink of an eye. For some things, this can be helpful; however, this is the easiest form of plagiarism. If you really think about it, copying and pasting other people’s ideas and claiming them as your own is flat out disrespectful- which is what lead to the establishment of the copyright.

I never really thought of how valuable a copyright was to a website until I read the article “Content Licensing in a Virtual World” ( After reading this article I realized that even virtual worlds such as Second Life find troubles when it comes to setting up its licensure. virtual worlds can be tricky when people begin to associate them with real life, much like how you can exchange real world money for spending money in SL. The copyright is a very valuable asset to the founders of the Second Life community.

If a company has a copyright on a website, a book, etc. then they are legally protected if someone decides that they want to copy their ideas. In today’s world that is a valuable thing. A copyright can be what is needed to help a company be successful without someone else stealing their ideas. Without the copyright maybe our world would be filled with too much of the same information being used over and over again. #iole15

Group Decisions

I was recently able to connect with my group and we established that the best way for us to communicate would be through email because of the convenience associated with receiving notifications on our cell phones rather than having to log on and check for new messages. We have started brainstorming for our group project and some of the ideas that have been thrown around have been: animal extinction, the Ronald McDonald House, food bank awareness, and getting more young people involved in nursing homes. Although this is just a brainstorm I am excited to finally pick something and get started now that we are all in communication. Until next time! 🙂

Exploring Second Life

Today, myself and I friend that I have in the class got into SL and went exploring together. The experience was actually quite enjoyable. We first visited a beach because here where we are in real life it’s snowing outside. We were able to jet ski, play basketball, lay on rafts, and even surf! I loved the beach, but I wish that there would have been more people there to communicate wit. I have yet to meet anyone on SL because I haclass went onven’t found what are the hot “hangout places.” After the beach, I went to “Zoppy’s” which I thought was going to be a petting zoo. I wasn’t too fond of it here because I wasn’t able to actually touch the animals. I did, however, find it interesting that at Zoopy’s you are able to buy monkeys! Exploring is Fun!surfing_001